Saturday, May 18, 2013


With every bone within this body
with every drop that can be bled
I'll use these words to tell a story
I'll show you what lies in my head

I watched her as she tried to struggle
A futile fight as she gasped for air
Her screams were low from hands like muzzles
As we locked our eyes to a stare

she's gonna go X3
she's gonna go away from here

Caressing her neck, with hands that squeeze
I gaze with splendor as evil spreads
she's a mirror that reflects me
I feel her words that go unsaid

she's gonna go X3
she's gonna go away from here

Eyes wide shut she sees the nothing
Her efforts learn to become content
all that she was, has gone missing
the moment that her last breath left

another life that i have set free
another life i've ripped to shreds 
I wish I could say I was sorry
Cause in my mind i was misled

she's gonna go X3
she's gonna go away for years
oh yeah motha fucka 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Twin Flame, He found me.

Turned it into fine art,
when he extracted my heart.
He's the pie to my chart,
that I'll never break apart.

We have a head start on all these beings.
I was dreaming...
now believing, From the beginning 
our existence has a meaning.
He stopped my heart from freezing
& keeps my feet from fleeting.

Beating... beating... beating

My heart knocks within yours.
Fueling the fire to our divine core.
Aligned perfectly
Like every ocean to its shore
You've appeared at my door
Brought victory to this war
when each breath was a chore.
I wanted nothing more to be a rotting corpse
But now the gore has became a bore
You are my thor, that I've subconsciously prayed for.